Thursday, September 23, 2010

Please help this girl's wish come true!

Last night, while I was blog surfing, I checked one of my absolute favorite blogs Paper Pastimes of a Scrapbooking Mimi and Tammy's latest post really struck me.  She made a card for a 9 year old little girl who has been stricken with cancer.  HERE is where you can see her post about this little girl.  Her wish is to receive lots and lots of get well cards.  Let's help make this precious little girl's wish come true!  Please send cards to:

Riley Philpott

206 Stanley Loop Rd

Winterville, NC 28590
Also, check out Tammy's cards over there (after you make Riley's card of course :)!  Her cards are AMAZING!  I'm sure you'll want to follower her blog because it contains loads and loads of inspiration.  It's my favorite place to go to look at cards. 
Have a good one!


  1. Awww, thanks! You made my day. And hopefully more cards will be sent because of your post that will make this little girl's day! Happy weekend!

  2. I found a website where the mother quoted this on fb:
    "Just wanted to let you know that this post about Riley Philpot requesting cards is partially correct however it was not a Make a wish request-just a child's request for cards on her carepage site managed by us her parents. It is true that ...she is 9 y/o and has battled cancer for the past 3 1/2 years with her most recent reoccurance 6 weeks ago bringing out her request for cards. The request was not through Make-A-Wish. Please note this correction as we do not want people to be mislead in their efforts to support our daughter. Kelly Philpot"
    This was from Oct 2009 but I saw that the mother's fb page showed another relapse in July 2010.

    I will post this on my blog as well. TFS


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